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Furnishings and Decor for Feline Appeal!

On arrival at the cattery, a guest is warmly welcomed and shown to his/her individual heated and insulated chalet. After a tasty treat, he is free to curl up in a fleecy bed on the sleeping deck, or explore his individual spacious and secure exercise area (opening off the chalet). There is a chair for relaxing on, a sunning shelf for watching birds in the cattery garden, and a scratch post to sharpen claws.

Thoroughly Spoilt

We have 11 generous chalets to accommodate 2 feline friends from the same home, and we have 2 super-size chalets to cater for 4 guests from the same family. Guests are welcome to bring their own toys, blankets and grooming brushes to remind them of home, and all our guests get lots of fuss and attention and are thoroughly spoilt! Guests can look forward to regular nutritious meals served from our purpose-built cattery kitchen. We serve your pet’s usual foods, but owners are asked to provide any special or veterinary prescribed diets.

Timid cats are monitored carefully and encouraged to eat well – we hand feed if necessary and tempt a reluctant pet with a variety of tasty appetisers.

Cozy Cattery

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